CMPD officer who shot, killed Keith Scott will not face charges

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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer who fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott will not face any internal disciplinary action from the department. 

This news breaking following a lengthy investigation into the September 20, 2016 shooting. 

It was determined Officer Brently Vinson was justified in his actions. 

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Scott's shooting death lead to several days of protesting and marches in the City of Charlotte. 

Talking with the family's attorney Charles Monnett, they don't agree with this ruling. 

"Mrs. Scott is extremely disappointed by the decision. She feels strongly that some sort of disciplinary action was appopriate," said Monnett. 

Scott's lawyer refers back to CMPD's policy which states an officer isn't allowed to use deadly force against a suspect unless there's aggravated aggression towards that officer -- meaning their life is in imminent danger. 

He doesn't feel Scott fit that description.

"I just don't see from the tape and the events that happened that Keith's actions reached that standard," added Monnett.

The only option the team of lawyers has is filing an appeal to the 11-member citizen's review board --- who Monnett says has no history in overturning past rulings.  

"I don't know how you can be optimistic given the history of the board. We are hopeful that the board will take a hard looks at the facts of this case, the policies of CMPD and reach the conclusion we feel is the appropriate conclusion, and that is that Officer Vinson did not follow departmental policies at the time the shot was fired," said Monnett.