'Cloaking' on dating apps worse than 'ghosting'

Single New Yorkers just when you thought 'ghosting' was the worst thing that could happen to you the dating gods said: "Hold my beer."

Rachel Thompson, a senior culture reporter for Mashable, recently chronicled a dating experience in which a guy she meant on Hinge literally vanished.

"Cloaking is is a term that I coined after a really terrible dating experience," says Thompson. "As the term suggests, it’s a bit like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. It's when a person stands you up for a date, butthey also block you on all of the apps that you had been communicating on--they banish from your phone it’s like they never existed."

Rachel had agreed to meet a potential suitor from Hinge at her favorite pasta spot in the UK and the guy not only never showed up--but blocked her on the dating app as well.

"I’m realizing in real time in a public place surrounded by other people that this person has blocked me suddenly within the past half hourand here's me wearing a new lipstick. wearing a new dress--I thought looking chic and I was really excited about eating pasta."

Luckily, the experience hasn't turned her off from online dating or going back to her favorite Italian restaurant.