Chocolate factory in Brooklyn | Jen at Work

Chocolate. Is there anything in the world more decadent, delicious and completely addictive? Which is why when I was told I was heading to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to work at a chocolate factory my first thought was "okay, what's going to happen to ruin this one for me?"

I met up with Marie Belle Lieberman of Marie Belle Chocolates. This isn't just your average, drugstore chocolate. Marie Belle's cacao beans are considered the best in the world. And the chocolate -- any flavor you can imagine.

On this day, I was about to find out how the sausage was made. Chocolate is high maintenance. You have to warm it up, cool it off, then warm it up again to get exactly the right temperature. Believe it or not, I do have some experience with this.

From the perfect temperature to the perfect weight, pouring our chocolate into chocolate bars.

To the average person, being around all this chocolate would be tempting. Luckily I have willpower and don't give in to that kind of childish nonsense.

Once the bars are cooled, they're cut into bonbons and dropped onto a conveyer belt, which turns out around 12,000 bonbons a day.

So how did I do? I got a C.

C is for chocolates, right?