Chita Rivera returns to Broadway in 'The Visit'

Super star Chita Rivera returns to Broadway one last time in the devastatingly beautiful musical "The Visit."

"Everything that I've been blessed enough to do has really been extraordinary. The 'Spiderwomans' and the 'Chicagos' and this is kind of reminding me of 'West Side,'" she said. "It's a love story. It's 'Romeo and Juliet.' Only it's set in a completely different place and it's under different circumstances."

It's a dark romantic tale of an older woman out for revenge. She returns to the town where her lover rejected her many years ago.

"People can relate to this. Men can relate to it, women, older women," Rivera said. "You see the young love and you see the older love. The two people that are older. And the two people that are young. You see them at the same time on stage."

Playing the role of Rivera's ex is fellow Tony award winner Roger Rees.

"This is about, in the end, two older people -- very rare in the theater. Who are in spite of everything, always deeply in love with each other," Rees said.

As she takes her final bow, Rivera falls deeper in love with the stage.

"I'm the perfect example. Hang in there. If you love what you do and you want to be in the business for a long, long time," Rivera said. "Hang in there."