Chirlane McCray denies de Blasio was slighted

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Chirlane McCray, the First Lady of New York City, joined her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio, at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday evening in Philadelphia.

While de Blasio took the stage to deliver a speech, McCray watched from the crowd. But judging by reports from inside the Wells Fargo Center, she was among the few. The center was at half-capacity and many attendees were on their smartphones during de Blasio's address.

“There is a science and an art to putting together a convention. I am very impressed with how they figured out the lineup. There are so many people that want to talk and should talk. New York is filled with Democrats," said McCray.

There has been speculation that Hizzoner, who spoke at about 5:32 p.m., was denied a prime-time slot because he was late to endorse Hillary Clinton for President.

De Blasio also has a strained history with Clinton, after not completing his tenure as her campaign manager in 2000. It is unclear why he left.

"I think he was positioned properly for the message he had to get out," said McCray.