Chinx murder suspect says he is innocent, lawyer says

The case against the man accused of murdering rapper Chinx moved forward at Queens County Criminal Court on Thursday. His attorney spoke out for the first time.

Quincy Homere had his head bowed in the courtroom for a status conference on his case. He and his alleged accomplice Jamar Hill face murder charges in the May 2015 shooting of rising hip-hop star Lionel "Chinx" Pickens. Police have said that Homere hunted Chinx like an animal.

"He's still maintaining his innocence in this matter," Homere's attorney, Jason Russo, told Fox 5.

Homere is currently in federal prison on an unrelated armed robbery case. He pled guilty to armed robbery and weapons charges and is awaiting sentencing.

Judge Kenneth Holder made sure that will be settled before the state court moves to the next phase in the Chinx case this summer.

Russo said he just received evidence from the Queens DA but is already formulating what information he might challenge to prove Homere's innocence.

Our Fox 5 camera was the only one at the Queens South Homicide Squad headquarters as Homere and Hill were arrested in December.

The case is back on the court calendar for July 12 when much more information will be presented we will get an idea about which way it will go.