Chinese nationals smuggled across border in ultralight plane

Border Patrol agents in California say that they captured two Chinese nationals that were believed to have been smuggled across the border in an ultralight aircraft.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents tracked an ultralight aircraft that made a cross-border incursion from Mexico and landed in the United States in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

Border Patrol agents on the ground were informed by CBP components of an ultralight aircraft detected flying over the international border from Mexico into U.S. airspace just before 2 a.m.  The aircraft was operating without any lights.

Agents tracked the aircraft from the ground to where it landed near Calipatria.  Border Patrol agents arrived at the landing area soon after, but the ultralight aircraft departed and returned to Mexico before it could be stopped.

Agents on the ground encountered two Chinese nationals.  Agents suspected they were in the U.S. illegally and that they were dropped off by the ultralight aircraft.

Also arrested at the landing zone was a Mexican national in a waiting vehicle who was suspected of being part of the human smuggling effort. The Mexican national was found to be legally present in the U.S. in possession of a Border Crossing Card.

The two Chinese nationals and Mexican national were transported to Calexico Station for further investigation.

It is the second recent incident involving an ultralight aircraft at the border.  Early Sunday morning Border Patrol agents tracked an ultralight that resulted in the arrest of two and the seizure of more than 125 pounds of methamphetamine.