Chicago Cubs fans relish the first game of spring training since World Series win

It's a Cubs fans favorite time of year: spring training in the Valley.

But this year, the Chicago Cubs return without a curse.

This year, they play as World Series Champions, and that makes it all the while better.

Carl Stein and his wife, Wendy, just moved here from Los Angeles. No doubt, just in time for spring training.

"We've heard about spring training for so long and now to be able to experience it is wonderful," said Stein.

Stein is finally watching his team as World Series Champions, something he's dreamed of for years.

"It was fantastic, and the fact that for so long, I've had to support my life as a Giants fan, and watching them play as being supportive of her because the Cubs were just a freaking no-show, and then last year to be the show," said Stein.

The show -- the 2016 World Series win that sent fans into this first spring training game today -- with the same high they've had since November 2.

"The fact there's been such a high, I don't think we've ever really come down from that," said Stein.