Chelsea Handler calls for Trump's impeachment for saying semi-automatic guns are 'entertainment'

Comedian Chelsea Handler called for President Trump’s impeachment after he appeared on British TV to speak about gun violence in America calling semi-automatic rifles “entertainment.”

Handler is rarely shy about lambasting the Trump administration over gun violence on social media. She previously blamed Republicans for a shooting at a Colorado high school. However, there were no jokes in her latest Tweet about Trump’s appearance on “Good Morning Britain” with Piers Morgan.
In the interview, Morgan asks Trump about gun violence in America, specifically why a private citizen needs a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle in their home.




“Well, a lot of them used them for entertainment, they do,” Trump said.

“Are guns entertainment?” Morgan responded.

“For some people, it’s entertainment, they go out and they shoot and they go to ranges and they have a tremendous amount of fun,” the president answered.

Not long after, Handler took to Twitter to call for Trump’s impeachment over the comments and bash the National Rifle Association.

“Trump telling Piers Morgan that semi-automatic guns are for entertainment is grounds for impeachment. There are thousands of parents grieving and he calls guns entertainment. I can’t wait to elect a strong leader who has the courage to stand up to the NRA. That will be a leader,” she wrote.

In the same interview, Trump said he believes citizens would be “sitting ducks” without guns to protect themselves. He also discussed the 2015 attacks in Paris, saying they would have never happened if concert-goers had been armed.

“Here’s my problem with that argument,” Morgan shot back. “More people were shot dead in America that week than have died from guns in Paris since the Second World War.”

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