Charles Mulli: from orphan to philanthropist

Charles Mulli had it all. He was businessman making big money in Kenya. He was a millionaire in the African nation where many live on just dollars a day. And yet something was missing. He sold everything and then and that's when he found everything.

With the profits after liquidating his company, he and his wife and their 8 children started The Mully Children's Family. They built a kindergarten, a primary school, vocational training, and now a university.

He started out like many of the students -- with nothing. His faith led him out of that hole and on this journey.

A new film details the work of the charity. They've successfully saved more than 12,000 children. He was recently invited to speak on a Clinton Global Initiative panel. He hopes his message will be an inspiration, especially as the world deals with the growing refugee crisis.

A favorite bible verse guides him: The stone that was rejected by the builders became the cornerstone.