Charity matches shelter dogs with suffering veterans

Paws of War is a nonprofit organization that trains and places shelter dogs with veterans who suffer from the emotional effects of war.
"Best Christmas ever," said U.S. Army Veteran Dawn Amato.  "It's going to change my life - mentally, physically, socially. It's big for me."

For Amato, the timing couldn't have been better.  Peaches, a 2 year-old mix was donated to Dawn through the program.  The sergeant retired from the Army in 2005 and has been battling medical issues including PTSD ever since.

"You lose the people you left, it's hard to adjust, it's hard to find work," Amato said. 

And for Peaches - her life hasn't been the easiest either. She was emaciated and rescued from a Georgia kill shelter with her 7 puppies who have since been re-homed. The organization has different plans for Peaches.

"She will learn to wake her up from night tremors, guide her when she's in crowded places, help balance when she's having an episode or attack from PTSD," said Robert Misseri with Paws of War

Dawn and Peaches will start training will start training next week.  It'll be about 300 hours or 8 months. Paws of War has placed 70 dogs with military families since the program was founded.