Challenged triathlete is ready for NYC Triathlon

Robin Caruso, 49, is set to compete in this year's Panasonic New York City Triathlon. Robin is lucky to be alive. In July 2007, a van hit her while she was on her bike.

The trauma done to robin's body was severe: multiple cuts and abrasions to her face, neck and other parts of her body. Then doctors delivered the most shocking news of all: severe nerve damage in her right arm left it paralyzed. They thought she would never use her arm again.

But Robin's pity party didn't last very long. Nearly two dozen surgeries later, she was able to get partial use of her right arm beneath the elbow.

Eager to resume triathlon competition, robin needed a handler. And that's when she met Kerry McGrath with the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

The two train together for all of the triathlon events. And while competition breeds champions, training has bred sisterhood. This will be their seventh triathlon together. 

Robin is proving to be an inspiration to the sons she adores.