Celebrities love cryotherapy, so what is it?

People are paying to get blasted with air as cold as 200 degrees below zero. It is called whole-body cryotherapy and it is supposed to melt fat, burn calories, and boost your energy level. 

It's one of the latest crazes of celebrities who are raving about the beauty benefits of going in to the deep freeze. Lindsay Lohan is doing it and posting it on Instagram. So is Mandy Moore. And it is supposedly the reason Demi Moore is a timeless beauty.

Cryotherapy was developed decades ago in Japan and Europe to treat arthritis. Now many A-listers consider it better than Botox and Pilates.

Assignment: on a hot night in the big city, go chill out to the tune of 264 degrees below zero. I had no idea what to expect with this.

You have to take off all your clothes and jewelry and are given a white robe, gloves, socks and clogs to keep your feet from freezing. It felt very cold and refreshing. My legs felt a little chilly.

My cameraman Allen dared me to stay longer and I had to start moving around.

At 2 minutes, my flight response kicked in.

A 3-minute treatment goes for $90. The beauty benefits are the tasty side dish to the medicinal main course, says Kryolife founder and CEO Joanna Fryben.

Joanna says the therapy is an accepted party of many protocols with European doctors who appreciate the science.

If nothing else, it made me feel great -- like i slept for 8 hours then took an ice-cold shower.

Kryolife recommends a few minutes on an exercise bike after the treatment, which I did.

Cryotherapy addicts boast improved skin tone, collagen production and tightened muscles.

But it's not for everyone. If you have a heart condition or unregulated high blood pressure this is not for you.