Cardi B visits Queens to uplift young students

A New York City anti-violence organization got a big boost on Friday when rapper Cardi B threw her support behind their effort to foster success among future generations.

Cardi B's visit to Queensbridge was part of a back-to-school event put on by the non-profit group Community Capacity Development.

The Grammy Award-winning artist spoke directly to the young people involved in a music program through the organization and even watched a music video they just produced.

"They need these examples to show there's more opportunities," said Ryan Burvick of Community Capacity Development.

The rapper did acknowledge the socio-economic challenges young people face in some of New York City's roughest and most neglected neighborhoods. 

"I'm not the one to tell people just follow your dreams because it's not easy," Cardi B said. "You need money and resources, and you almost need a hookup --- but you never know when you will find a hookup."

The rapper also talked about the importance of education, showing support for Community Capacity Development work confronting challenges in marginalized communities and showing young people alternatives to poverty and crime.

I" think a lot of times young people are attracted to survival. When you don't have employment opportunities, when you don't have adequate resources in education, when you see nothing but closed doors, crime and violence becomes an option," said K. Bain, the Founder and Executive Director of Community Capacity Development. "Having someone like Cardi come back and say I want to be in human justice work- it's a real inspiration."

Friday's stop in Queens is one of several Cardi B is expected to make in NYC with the Community Capacity Development - tomorrow she's scheduled to be in Brooklyn with the organization and they say soon she is expected to go to the Bronx to give back the community where she was raised.