Canton Police use technology to catch fleeing driver without a chase

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Canton Police stopped a driver running from officers without having to give chase; instead, they used new technology which makes it safer for everyone involved. Police said they successfully used a GPS tracking device for the first time and avoided a potentially dangerous car chase.

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The technology is a deployable StarChase GPS tracking device. Police said it's mounted on the front of a patrol car and with a push of a button, a beacon projects forward and attaches to the suspect's vehicle.

"There's a laser that's in it and can judge speed and distance to make it accurate. Once attached, officers can track the vehicle on their computers," said Canton Police Officer Pacer Cordry.

October 22, officers attempted a traffic stop on Interstate 575, but the driver took off. An officer successfully deployed the tracker and with the help of Cherokee County Sheriff's deputies were able to track the driver to a location in the county.

"He thought he was hidden, in a cul-de-sac, but Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputies were able to apprehend him. I'm sure he was very surprised," said Officer Cordry.


Virginia Wampler lives in Canton. She said she's happy the police department has the new technology.

"Those high-speed chases are so dangerous, I think it's a good idea, it's safer for everyone involved, police and all the innocent people," said Wampler.

Each device costs about $5,000 dollars, but police said it's money well spent to protect the citizens and other drivers on the roads.

"It's hard to put a price on the safety of the community but in this case, it worked very well," said Officer Cordry.