Canadian Company Develops Hoverboard That Marty McFly Would Approve Of

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When 'Back to the Future' came out in 1985 they predicted that in 30 years, aka 2015, we would have freeze dried food that came to life in the microwave, clothes that dried them selves on our body and everyone would ride Hoverboards. Who knew they were somewhat close to the truth.

A Canadian company, Omni Hoverboards, has come up with a high flying, eight drone engine-esque powered Hoverboard that can carry the weight of a man.

According to this report on CBC News, inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru broke the world record for longest Hoverboard flight earlier this year. That jaunt on the board only lasted one and a half minutes. But he was able to go as high as sixteen feet in the air and traveled more than 900 feet. 

Granted the new prototype he's pictured on now is not nearly as sleek and small as the pink Mattel model Marty McFly rode in the movie. But I'll say, it's a huge soar forward in progress and aerial technology. Maybe soon we'll finally get our flying cars!!