Camden County to pay $10 million to man left paralyzed running from police

Camden County has agreed to pay $10 million to a man who was left paralyzed after he ran from police during an arrest eight years ago. 

Xavier Ingram, who is quadriplegic and lives in a nursing home, sued Camden County, its police department and individual officers after the episode. He reached a settlement last week before a new trial was to start. The settlement must still be approved by a federal judge.

A recent trial ended in March without a resolution when jurors couldn't reach unanimous agreement on all counts.

Ingram, who is Black, testified in court from a hospital bed, said his attorney Beth Baldinger.

"Mr. Ingram requires better medical care and quality of life that he no longer wishes to delay, and it’s in his best interests to bring this litigation to a close," Baldinger, said Monday. "The bottom line is Mr. Ingram had his day in court, he looked the jury in the eye and told his truth, and that cannot be overstated."

Ingram was 20 in June 2014 when police on foot patrol approached him outside a store in Camden.

According to Ingram's lawsuit, while running from the officers he fell on the ground, and the officers handcuffed him and held him down, with one officer stepping on his neck and pushing down forcefully. Ingram claimed officers refused to give him appropriate medical assistance after he screamed that he couldn’t feel his arms or legs.

According to Baldinger, Ingram ran from the officers because he had an outstanding motor vehicle summons and didn't want to be arrested.

Police contend Ingram's injuries were caused when he slipped and fell on the ground and that he ran because he was in possession of drugs and a stolen gun. Ingram has denied having a gun.

In an email regarding the settlement Monday, Camden County spokesperson Dan Keashen wrote, "Based on the settlement, the county maintains, and continues to maintain, that no wrongdoing took place and is not liable for any of the actions and circumstances of the aforementioned incident."

Police attempted to stop Ingram when he came out of a liquor store on Chestnut Street. Ingram ran and slipped and fell while fleeing police across 7th Street. Officers found bags of heroin in Ingram’s pockets when he was taken into custody.

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