Calls for netting to capture debris from elevated train tracks in Queens

Debris falling from elevated train tracks in Queens nearly injured people three times within a month earlier this year. 

Now, City Councilman Costa Constantinides says that it happened again, when a woman crossing under the N Line at 31st Street and 23rd Avenue last Thursday was almost struck by a flashlight that slipped from the hands of a worker on the tracks.

"Crossing 31st Street under the N/W Line should not be a dangerous thing," Constantinides said.

In a statement, MTA Spokesperson Amanda Kwan said: "Workers follow strict safety protocols and anyone responsible for failing to secure equipment will be held accountable."

Last month, the MTA announced that it is rolling out a pilot program which would install netting to capture debris under four elevated locations, including a stretch of the 7 Line and the N/W Line from Queensboro Plaza to 39th Avenue at a cost of about $5 million dollars. However, Constantinides says he wants the netting to stretch the additional two miles of elevated track on the N/W Line.

"They're doing massive reconstruction of track work and stations along this line. They've spent millions upon millions of dollars," Constantinides said. "Let's just let people feel safe."

The MTA has yet to say exactly when the netting at the four pilot locations will go up. The agency also says it's also reinforcing safety rules with workers and enhancing inspections.