Buster lives up to his name, busts out of crate and outsmarts owners

When Laura Moore and her husband adopted Buster from the Detroit Dog Rescue, they may not have known that his name would perfectly suit what he would do: bust out of his crate. A lot.

Moore, Assistant News Director at FOX 2 Detroit, and her husband adopted the pooch from the DDR late last year. He's now 8 months old and is 52 pounds - and he wants out of his crate at all costs.

Over the course of the past few months, Buster has busted out of his crate repeatedly. When he gets out, he destroys the house - and one point even got his paws on a bottle of wine and carried it around the house. Creative.

The family said they've figured out how he's gotten out and have used zip ties and c-clamps to prevent his other escapes. But Buster kept busting out.

So the family set up a camera to record Buster's antics. What they got was 13 minutes of a fight between Buster and the crate.

Buster has no problems going in and he seems relatively calm while they're leaving the house. A few minutes in, he wants out and starts pawing at the bottom. He stands on the bottm of the crate and pull up with his teeth.

Then he turns sideways and fits his entire body through the tiniest opening - busting free once again.

Moore says they're getting a bigger, more secure crate and will continue to crate train their new family member.