BTS fans camp out in the rain outside Central Park

An army is taking over New York. But instead of camo and ammo, these soldiers are armed with wild hair, a message of self-love, and a crazy desire to devour all things BTS.

They've come from all over and braved the rain and chilly temps for a chance to see the K-pop up close. Thousands will witness a free concert in Central Park on Wednesday and then tens of thousands more will attend two sold-out shows in New Jersey this weekend.

The seven-member group has made their mark on the international scene with millions of Twitter followers and millions of albums sold. But what may be the most shocking is that the vast majority of their fans don't speak Korean or understand their songs. And yet, they're hooked.

Fans had a chance to step out of the rain to indulge in BTS mania at a pop-up shop in Chelsea. The shop features merchandise from the band's new album.

BTS's fandom is unlike anything we've seen in recent years. Sure, we've had Justin Bieber and One Direction, but now American fans are learning a new language and lingo to experience the hype.