Go big or gourd home: Brooklyn's colossal pumpkin is fall's finest

A giant pumpkin in Park Slope, Brooklyn is turning heads and captivating passersby.

The colossal gourd weighs nearly 1,000 pounds, making it an irresistible backdrop for selfies and an instant mood-lifter as Halloween approaches. 

The pumpkin belongs to resident Charlie Pigott, who has been putting pumpkins on his stoop every year.  

"Every morning when I walk out of the house, there are little kids out here. It's ideal. They're touching it, and I see there's the great pumpkin," Pigott said.

Last year, Pigott's son found one that weighed half a ton, becoming a popular neighborhood attraction.

"We actually come here every year. It's like one of our Halloween festive trips that we make," said one mother who had come to see the gourd-looking landmark.  

This year’s pumpkin came from a farm in North Bergen, New Jersey.