Brooklyn parents angry over plan to move students

A school in Brooklyn is so overcrowded the department of education wants to rezone the neighborhood so some students would go to a less crowded school nearby. But the plan is not going over well with parents who say it's a no-win situation for both schools.

In a hot auditorium at PS 307 in Brooklyn, the stakes are high. At its core is a quality public school education for youngsters. A new DOE proposal would take students from an overcrowded affluent school and have them join a majority black school across from the projects.

This is the problem 751 kids are attending a school fit for 524. That's 143 percent of capacity. There are wait lists and overcrowding. On the flip side PS 308 is just over half full at 58 percent.

Unpack the numbers and you find a mixture of race and class dynamics.

PS 307 has Mandarin, chess and violin courses. It also has a thriving a pre-K program. They see black people in leadership they are happy.

Some children would be grandfathered in at PS 8 but not everyone's kids would be.