Brooklyn brothers help homeless New Yorkers stay warmer, one blanket at a time

Mike and Nick Fiorito are on a mission ahead of the bitter-cold weather coming to the New York area.

The brothers from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, founded Blankets of Hope to help needy New Yorkers stay warm. Once a week, they hand out purple blankets to homeless people around the city.

Three years ago, they both quit their corporate jobs after becoming disillusioned and started Blankets of Hope. They started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money. Three years ago, they handed out 100 blankets. This year's goal is to give away 10,000.

The brothers say they're also partnering with 30 schools across the country including New York City to hand out the blankets. 

A venture capitalist in California heard about them and is providing some financial assistance to help Blankets of Hope grow.

What Mike and Nick are doing is an example of how one act of kindness can turn into something bigger and better than you dreamed was possible.