Brooklyn boy is composing and performing

On a quiet street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, a young virtuoso is inside his brick home— fingers feverishly flying up and down his Steinway piano. 
“I like to play classical and I like to play Bach because his music it’s very complex but it’s also very passionate,” said 12-year-old Julian Raheb. 

This piano prodigy has accomplished more than many musicians ever will in their lifetimes. To date he has composed about 20 songs—  two of them are based on poems from Langston Hughes and Robert Frost.
“When I’m playing pieces I love to play, it gives me chills because they are really hard and when I show people the work I put into my pieces, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something really hard,” Raheb. 

Music runs through the 7th grader’s veins. His dad Jeff is a guitarist and inspired Julian to compose his first song at 8 years old. Since then, he’s been running his fingers along a keyboard, 7 days a week.
“Just seeing him growing with what he did when he was five years old until now, I just think wow I wish I could play piano like that,” said Julian’s father. 
Julian will debut three of his original compositions at a concert this coming Sunday in Sunset Park.  His ultimate goal is to have a solo performance one day at Carnegie Hall, which by the sound of it, may happen sooner rather than later.