Brooklyn Borough President releases PSA after string of NYPD suicides

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a retired NYPD officer who spent over two decades on the force, made waves Friday morning urging NYPD officers to look for help before taking what he calls that "one shot."

Adams' PSA comes after nine police officers took their own lives in the past eight months. He says the reason why he decided to put the message out there is because the stories hit close to home for him.

"I had to get it together. I lost a good friend who was shot and killed, two good friends who committed suicide. But I knew how I felt after I left, I was broken," Adams said. 

Adams has a recommendation, calling on the NYPD's new Health and Wellness Task Force to help officers through exercises like meditation and yoga to stop the crisis.

"It was so important to me when we released the video that I can reach officers in a place that they would understand what I was saying," Adams said.