Bronx high school student teams up with NY Knicks to restore local basketball courts

In many neighborhoods, basketball courts can be much more than just a place to play. 

They're where people meet, grow up, make friends and form bonds. 

But, what happens when these courts fall apart? A non-profit organization is hoping to answer that question.

At the forefront of this effort is Danny Cornstein, a determined high school junior who has a deep love for the game. 

Through his non-profit foundation, aptly named "Courts of Dreams," Danny set out to restore the former glory of basketball courts throughout the city - by first focusing on playgrounds in the Bronx near Horace Mann School where he is a Junior.

Danny, an avid basketball player attending Horace Mann School in the Bronx, enlisted the help of fellow high school students who shared his passion. Together, they scouted the borough for courts in need of revitalization, ultimately finding their first project at Woodlawn Playgrounds.

First, they needed to raise $70,000.

"A lot of emails, a lot of phone calls, a lot of posting on Instagram," he said.

Finally, with help from the city Parks Department, and support from the NY Knicks, they got it done. Knicks legend, John Starks, even spoke at the groundbreaking.

Cornstein's parents, Marc and Natasha started Courts of Dreams more than a decade ago and later handed decision-making off to their son, revitalizing the organization.

Danny is showing no signs of slowing down and showed Fox5 the next court he wants to fix up.

"Right now we're at Olinville playground at Shoelace Park in the Bronx," he said. "Our friends at the Van Courtland Park Alliance, who helped us with the last court, introduced us to the Bronx River Alliance."

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Their next ambitious endeavor centered around the refurbishment of Olinville Playground at Shoelace Park, located near to Horace Mann School. 

However, an additional $100,000 is needed to turn their plans into reality.

"The court is very slippery, and sometimes I slip," voiced Shawn, a frequent player at Olinville Playground. He strongly believed that repairs were long overdue and envisioned a safer and more enjoyable court experience for all.

"I think it would be much better than a slippery court," Shawn said.

No slipping, staying focused and on a mission.

They've already raised nearly $80k.

Courts of Dreams is hosting a fundraiser for the new court this weekend. It will be at Horace Mann School in the Bronx. You can find more information