Bronx man reunited with family pending deportation review

After two weeks in ICE detention, Juan Vivares of the Bronx was reunited Friday with his wife Yahaira Burgos and their 14-month-old son, Christopher.

The trouble began two and a half weeks ago. Juan, an immigrant from Colombia, was scheduled to check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement after he lost an appeal for asylum. Yahaira and Christopher are both legal citizens, and Juan's family petition for a green card was pending. Still, ICE detained him and began the deportation process.

Juan was transferred to Texas and Louisiana where he was scheduled to be flown back to Colombia.

Yahaira works as a doorwoman. Her union 32BJ got wind of the aggressive process and went to work alongside Juan's lawyer Rebecca Press.

"Our law is entirely too narrow too strict and too complicated if someone like Juan is just barely eligible," she said.

The emergency motion to reopen was granted and Juan was finally able to go home.

Juan is now released on an Order of Supervision. He is wearing ankle bracelets, which don't allow him to leave the tristate area while the motion to reopen in in process.