Bringing Charlie Brown, Snoopy to life

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang are on the big screen thanks to the hard work of some local animators. Fox 5 went to Blue Sky Studios in Greenwich, Connecticut, to find out what it took to bring Peanuts gang to life.

20th Century Fox has brought The Peanuts Movie to life in 3D. Jeff Gabor of Blue Sky is one of the animators who helped create the movie. He showed us how they make the magic happen. First they start with drawings that explain the story. Then it is up to the animators to figure out the motion and acting of the animated characters. Next they sketch the movements and turn them into 3D.

Jeff said there are literally hundreds of people behind each step of the animation process, and it can takes weeks to create a movement. He said they produce 3 seconds of animation per week. He personally created 3 minutes in total.

Jeff said the animators were respectful of preserving the iconic characters created by Charles Schulz 65 years ago.

As part of being behind the scenes, I got to have a laugh with Snoopy and Woodstock. Thanks for sharing -- you're a good man, Charlie Brown.