Here's how much more you’re paying for breakfast

Breaking the bank for breakfast.

Consumers are paying, on average, 24% more for breakfast.

What's costing you more?

Here are the numbers from the consumer price index:

  • Eggs are 49% more expensive than they were last year.
Paying more for breakfast
  • Recent government statistics show butter is up 34% nationwide.
  • Inflation has also increased the price of bacon.
Paying more for breakfast
  • A cup of coffee, as well as bread, is also costing you more. One pound of ground roast coffee was $4.82 a year ago compared to $6.36 today.
Paying more for breakfast

The news comes as inflation in the United States slowed again last month in the latest sign that price increases are cooling despite the pressures they continue to inflict on American households.

Consumer prices rose 7.1% in November from a year ago, the government said – down sharply from 7.7% in October and a recent peak of 9.1% in June. It was the fifth straight decline.

Measured from month to month, which gives a more up-to-date snapshot, the consumer price index inched up just 0.1%. And so-called core inflation, which excludes volatile food and energy costs and which the Federal Reserve tracks closely, slowed to 6% compared with a year earlier. From October to November, core prices rose 0.2% — the mildest increase since August 2021.

All told, the latest figures provided the strongest evidence to date that inflation in the United States is steadily slowing from the price acceleration that first struck about 18 months ago and reached a four-decade high earlier this year.

A customer shops at a supermarket in Washington, D.C., the United States, on Oct. 28, 2022. U.S. consumer sentiment ticked upward somewhat in October, although inflation continued to strangle the incomes of many American households. (Photo by Ting Sh

Grocery prices, though, remained a trouble spot last month, rising 0.5% from October to November and 12% compared with a year ago.

Prices climbed 13.5% in August from the year before - the highest annual increase since 1979 according to statistics.