Break in serial burglar case: DNA evidence left behind at store

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Investigators in Coweta County hope they have gotten the break they need to catch a serial burglar.

Authorities said the man has hit three times in one week. At one location, he left behind blood evidence that they hope will lead to his identity.

The burglar is hitting all mom and pop businesses. Loyal customers said they are outraged.

Frazier’s is one of the three stores hit. At each of the locations, he smashed the glass door and headed straight for the cash register, pried it open with a metal bar.

“I hate that it is happening to anyone,” customer Samantha Panther told FOX 5. “Everyone is just trying to make a living out here and now these stores have to take extra precautions.”

Investigator said each time the burglar has gone to great lengths to disguise his identity.

“He appears to be wearing a bandana around his face. He’s also got some sort of toboggan on his head,” Investigator Brandon Thrower of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said.

They have gotten a pretty good break. With all the glass smashing, he has cut himself and left behind a lot of blood. Investigators have sent samples to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Crime Lab in hopes that a DNA match will give them the name of their suspect.