Bratton: We can't repeat the 1970s after 22 shot

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is warning that a new, disturbing trend of increased violence must be put in check before it’s too late.

In East New York, nine people were shot and wounded at a barbecue.  And in the Bronx, Christian Garcia, 20, was shot and killed, and two others struck when a gunman opened fire in a children's playground.

Speaking on a radio show Sunday, Commissioner Bratton says it's not just a New York problem.

“Crime is on the rise all across the US,” he said.

The NYPD’s latest statistics show a 10% increase in murders through July 27th, compared to the same period last year.

Bratton says there are two main reasons. 

One of them is because criminals are feeling empowered. The other reason, is police feel like they're under attack.   

Not mincing words, Bratton displayed a sense of urgency saying “we need to get this right, we can't repeat the 1970s again."

But long time community advocate Tony Herbert lays the blame squarely at City Hall.

"I’m upset...a family had a party last night and 9 people were shot. We're tired of saying to the city 'do something’ - we want the mayor to do something" he said.

The National Night Out against crime is scheduled for Tuesday; but with the current concerns, the annual event is likely to carry more meaning than usual.