Bratton: Times Square naked ladies are legal

NYPD commissioner William Bratton is coming to the defense of Times Square’s infamous 'naked ladies.'
In an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, the city's top cop slammed critics claiming that the painted women and costumed characters are returning ‘the crossroads of the world’ to their violent past.

The painted naked ladies in Times Square are so popular they often make hundreds in tips a day.

Also dubbed the ‘Desnudas,’ the ladies were also the subject of an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal written by NYPD Police Commissioner, Bill Bratton

He wrote "To equate current conditions to the square of 25 years is preposterous. It looks awful but it's lawful and that's the situation we have here."

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer has been a vocal advocate of regulating the painted ladies.
She's strongly against the option of shutting down the pedestrian plaza.

"As long as people are not hassled but if they are continuously touching anybody, that's what has to stop” she said.

The police commissioner wrote that the heart of the problem is this is a public space without public space rules.

Some say the cartoon characters are more a nuisance, and if the Naked Cowboy can hang, why can't the naked ladies?

“Of course it's a double standard. It’s totally wrong” a passing pedestrian told us.