Boy with autism sells drawings to buy sick brother toys

When 10-year-old Haden Edwards found out just how sick his brother Max was, he told their mom he wanted to take him on a shopping trip.

"So I asked him, 'Where's your money?'" Cynthia Davis told Inside Edition. "I said, 'You can mow the grass or help with the dishes, or do anything else to earn some money.'"

But Haden had a better idea.

"He said he's going to draw pictures," she recalled.

So Haden, who's always loved to draw, got to work. The youngster, who has autism, set up shop outside the family's home in Lincolnton, North Carolina with a sign that read: "Selling Drawings for Mad Max."

Davis put a note on Facebook asking her friends to come by if they had the time, and within 30 minutes, 30 people showed up, all asking to buy Haden's $1 drawings.

Since then, their mother estimates he's earned approximately $1,000 for his little brother, with help from donations to their Gofundme page.

Max, 7, is battling multiple medical conditions, including Neurofibromatosis, which is a genetic disorder that has caused tumors to grow on his brain. Last year, he underwent an unsuccessful brain surgery. He continues to take daily medications to keep seizures and cramps at bay but his pain is getting worse, his mother said. Next month, they'll find out if he'll undergo another brain surgery or chemotherapy.