Boy injured in hit and run, drags himself a quarter of a mile before getting help

A walk home from school for 10-year-old Caden Walsh turned into a parent's worst nightmare last Friday.

The Forest North Elementary student was about halfway home, when he heard something unsettling.

“The car turned the corner and I heard a loud screech, and then I turned around and he was driving on the grass at that time,” said Walsh.

The SUV headed straight into Caden, hitting him in the leg.

“It hurt really, really bad, like I can't explain it,” said Walsh.

The Austin Police Department says that driver left the scene. In unspeakable pain, Caden kept pushing.

“I kind of stood like a dog and dragged my leg like I was limping,” said Walsh.

He says a bystander came and escorted him home, where his dad called police and took him to the hospital. His mom Heather was at work when she heard.

“I had no idea what I was going to show up to and see,” said Heather Brady, mom.

Aside from a gaping and bleeding wound, Caden had no other injuries, something his family is grateful for

“It could’ve been that call no parents wants to get but it wasn't. He had some guardian angels watching over him,” said Brady.

Police are looking for a red SUV possibly a Chevrolet with dark tinted windows, but Caden is not 100 percent sure on the description. Aside from being on the lookout for the vehicle, police are taking further steps.
“We will have officers in that area to be sure vehicular traffic is complying with traffic safety laws,” said Ofc. Destiny Winston, Austin Police Department.

“He hit me and he ran. It would be a different story if he hit me then asked me if I was okay,” said Walsh.

It'll take two weeks for his leg to heal. His family is just glad the spry young boy will have a chance at life.

“It was a kid. When they left, my son, for all they know could have been dying and they just left him there without any concern. As a parent that's the worst thing,” said Brady.