Border Patrol says migrant encounters are surging in Texas

Border Patrol agents in Texas say migrant encounters have surged 288% in the past year.

U.S. Border Patrol agents working in the El Paso Sector the total migrant encounters for the current fiscal year are 135,326. The sector is on pace to meet or exceed the record numbers from the ‘Migrant Crisis’ in 2019.

The top five nationalities encountered in the El Paso Sector in FY21 are Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Cuba.

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They claim that a majority of those who have been apprehended are single adults attempting to evade arrest and not seek asylum.

There have been 104,208 single adults encountered so far in FY21 compared to a total of 39,006 single adults encountered in the El Paso Sector in FY20.


In the same period, there have been 15,877 unaccompanied children encountered and this is more than three times last year’s total of 4,835.

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Agents say they have found 195 stash houses and foiled 920 human smuggling schemes.

36 El Paso Sector Border Patrol Agents have been assaulted in the current fiscal year, according to department statistics.