Books featuring 'girls' in the title are on the rise

You can't judge a book by its cover.. But what about it’s title? Some publishers think putting "girl" in the title could mean more sales. Maybe Beyonce was right... Who runs the world? Girls!

Brene loves to read. We found her absorbed in the book  "Lab Girl" on  the Upper West Side book store "Book Culture".

You may have noticed that four letter word "girl" is showing up more and more in new book titles.

Some publishers believe simply putting "girl" in the title is generating another four letter word.... "c-a-s-h.”

Penny Sanseveiri is the CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts.
“Publishers obviously they want to sell books nobody knows what that magic formula is so you see things like girl on the train and gone girl and all of these books with girl in it “ she said.

"Girls on Fire" author Robin Wasserman thinks the popularity of books with word "girl"  in the title can also be explained by content.

Expanding roles girls or women play in fiction and non-fiction. Lead characters now seen as mult-dimensional, playing both victim and villain.

“We live in a world that's really afraid of female power and really afraid of female sexuality and young female sexuality” Robin said.

Even Comedienne Amy Schumer seems in on it..

Her new book appears to mock the popularity of the book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

She’s calling her new book "The Girl with the Lower Back tattoo.”
Something to consider, as you build your summer reading list.