Bodega where 'Junior' Guzman died is now a Safe Haven store

Seven months ago, Lesandro "Junior" Guzman was savagely murdered outside a Bronx bodega. Police say that Trinitarios gang members armed with machetes and knives hacked Guzman to death. The teen had frantically sought refuge inside the store but the gang members got to him anyway.

A plan to save lives begins at the bodega where Junior lost his life. It is the city's first so-called Safe Haven Store, according to Fernando Mateo, who represents bodegas around the city.

For $3,500, these stores can install an NYPD-sanctioned safety program, complete with bright lights, strobe lights, and panic buttons.

One of the biggest selling points of this new system is the ability to lock the front door. As trouble brews outside, a potential victim can find safe haven inside. Then the clerk can call 911 from a panic button up front or a wireless one placed somewhere in the store.

The NYPD can monitor the incident in real-time.

The lockable front door also has reinforced glass.