Boat rides on the Great South Bay for the disabled

Liz Treston hasn't been on a boat in over 20 years but with a specially designed wheelchair lift she and her assistance dog Finney are going fishing.

It's a day on the Great South Bay aboard a 34-foot Mainship driven by Captain Kip and his first mate, Liberty. He founded W.A.V.E.S., short for Wheelchairs and Veterans Enjoying Summer. The organization takes groups of physically and mentally challenged people on the water.

"It's really nice usually something like this is hundreds of dollars so this is a real great treat," said Duane Kilmer, who is disabled. He has been living with chronic pain after surviving a bad car accident several years ago.

"Things like this, even when you're in pain, just helps to take away just that inch of bit of pain," he said. "And it makes it livable."

Captain Kip starts in May and goes through December. It's about giving people an opportunity to do something they may not be able to. He makes well over 100 trips each year for no cost at all.

Why does he do it?

"Because of things that were freely given to me that I used to take for granted but don't," Captain Kip Johannesen said.

Like his health. After a diving accident, doctors told him he'd never be able to walk or talk again. He proved them wrong.

It was too small to take home but Liz caught her first fish.

"This is amazing. It's a great gift," she said. A gift to pay it forward to those who deserve it.