Blemish in photo of boy turns out to be cancer

A toddler in the United Kingdom is very lucky that his dad took notice of a strange flicker on a photo. That is because the flicker--which appeared in the image of the boy's eye--turned out to be a sign of cancer, according to

"We had seen a slight glint in his eye, like a dog or a cats' eye in a dark room, but it wasn't until after I took some innocent photos of [Jaxson] that we noticed the white reflection," Owen Scrivens told IE. "We didn't hesitate to go to the [general practitioner]."

After Jaxson had several visits with medical professionals, doctors told Scrivens that the toddler had retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye. Doctors said Jaxson needed to either begin chemotherapy or have the eye removed.

He began chemo in December. The tumor has shrunk considerably, but Jaxson needs more treatments.

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