Big Brothers Big Sisters Long Island seeks matches for waiting boys

Sixty-six boys, some of whom have been waiting for more than a year, hope to be matched with their big brother as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Long Island agency. 

The mentorship program that’s been around for more than four decades has been life-changing for participants and also volunteers. 

"It far exceeded anything I could ever think of," said Matt who is a Big Brother. 

Matt was matched with his little brother Quinton in January of 2022 as a way to pay it forward. 

But ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an increase in the number of applications from those looking for bigs. 


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A shortage of male volunteers for all Big Brothers Big Sisters chapters nationwide has made the wait for Quinton’s twin brother Jani even longer.

"He’s upset every time he sees his siblings go," his mom said. 

According to the organization, risky behaviors are reduced by 88% when children are matched with a volunteer. 

Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder who was a big brother himself knows the lasting impact these relationships have. 

"This program is so important," he said. 

Volunteers can apply here

You have to be 18 or older, live in Nassau or Suffolk, have a valid driver’s license and a car, and be able to commit for a year.