Betsey Johnson is having a Hamptons yard sale

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For some savvy shoppers, it's a deal of a lifetime. Fashion icon Betsey Johnson is having a blowout yard sale on the lawn of her East Hampton, New York, home that is on the market. She is calling it the Big Betsy Bang. For two days, nearly 10,000 items will be up for grabs, including vintage pieces from her original label collection dating back to the 1960s and one-of-a-kind runway dresses.

"I live with my family in their house in Malibu, so I'm scaling down and I have my New York apartment," she said. "All the clothes that I've hoarded and pack-ratted over the last 50 years."

Mark Vitulano is the man behind the magic. He has spent the past few weeks sorting through and setting up for the sale.

"I've gone through these racks a thousand times and I still keep coming across things that I've never seen before," he said.

It is cash only, priced to sell. Clothes range from $30 to $100. She's also selling art deco rugs, a queen-size canopy bed for $1,500, and classic antiques.   

"Lot of vintage artwork and restored paintings," Vitulano said. "llot of portraits of women through different eras."

Whatever doesn't sell will be given to charity. While the money is going to Betsey, she says some will go to breast cancer research.

"Everything is one of a kind," she said. "It's a yard sale party."

If you're planning on coming to the yard sale you might want to wear a bathing suit so you can quickly try on clothes. It runs Sunday, September 6, and Monday, September 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. New pieces will be brought out throughout the day.