Ben Carson stuck in elevator of Miami public housing building

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson was on a tour of Miami's public housing system when he and his wife reportedly became stuck inside an elevator.

Meanwhile, NBA legend and public housing advocate Alzono Mourning waited in the lobby.

Miami Fire Dept. officials responded to The Courtside Apartments Wednesday morning and were able to free Dr. Carson and Cindy Carson 20 minutes later, according to the Miami Herald. 

"Carson took the incident in good spirits, smiling as he emerged from the elevator. Mourning apologized profusely," reported the Herald.

The elevator was descending from the roof when the doors jammed on the ground floor.

After the tour, the retired neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate thanked Mourning for his "great work with low-income housing."

Mourning's nonprofit 'AM Affordable Housing' co-developed the complex.

Carson also thanked Miami police and fire.