Belgium lockdown: Authorities arrest 16 in anti-terror raids

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Belgium is on day 2 of a national terror alert authoroties brace for a possible terrorist strike. 

Belgian authorities announced 16 more arrests as anti-terror raids continued Sunday. Federal prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt said that "no firemarms or explosives were discovered," in the 22 raids — 19 in Brussels and the three in Charleroi in the country's south.

"The investigation continues," he said.

A judge will decide Monday whether the 16 people will continue to be detained.

Salah Abdeslam, the only Paris terror attacker who survived, was not among the men captured. Officials believe Abdeslam drove three suicide bombers to the Stade de France for the attacks on Nov. 13 before he fled. One of Abdeslam’s brothers blew himself up as part of the coordinated massacre that killed 130 people and wounded scores of others.

Officials announced Sunday that Brussels would remain on the highest state of alert into Monday due to a “serious and imminent” threat. Brussels, the Belgian capital where several of the Paris terrorists had connections, is on a heightened state of alert since the French attacks.

Police and military action in Brussels filtered onto social media on Sunday, prompting authorities to plead with posters to stop tweeting information about the government actions.

Soldiers stood outside the Radisson Blu hotel in Brussels and one soldier inside the hotel lobby told a Channel 4 news producer there was a “real threat of attack.” The same news team was also reportedly advised to “stay inside for your own security.” The Rue du Midi, a street a few blocks from the Radisson Blu, was simultaneously the scene of a police operation. Patrons locked into a café by police were escorted out and allowed to leave after about 45 minutes, according to POLITICO Europe’s Ryan Heath.

The Radisson Blu is the same hotel chain that was attacked by Islamists in Mali on Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.