A look at Friday's pro-Palestinian rally that spread through major parts of Manhattan

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Pro-Palestine protestors carrying signs gather at Union Square in New York City on Friday, November 17, 2023. The demonstrators marched through midtown Manhattan to demand a ceasefire from Israeli troops within Gaza. (Stephen Yang for Fox News Digital)

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered across New York City Friday night.

Friday marked another night of large-scale demonstrations in NYC since Hamas militants attacked Israel on Oct. 7 and Israel launched its counteroffensive.

"The past month has marked a new chapter of struggle in the battle for Palestinian freedom in New York City," an Instagram post promoting the march read.

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Pictures show demonstrators carrying signs calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Others could be seen praying as scores of people marched. 

NYPD officers stood guard outside The New York Times' headquarters as people gathered outside. 

People even gathered outside the New York Public Library.

Pro-Palestinian activists organized the rally in Union Square to "shut it down."

It was unclear if demonstrators from the Union Square march had joined the Midtown demonstration.

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