Beekeeping in NYC | Jen at Work

Beekeeping has only been legal in New York City since 2010. And it's all the buzz at some of the city's top hotels and restaurants in all five boroughs. Believe it or not there are a lot of rooftop hives just like this one all over the city -- anywhere where people can say "hey-- we make fresh honey here and that's pretty cool." We headed to Bushwick to meet up with the guy who runs most of the city's hives, Andrew Cote.

I was in charge of making sure these bees are doing their job. As a beekeeper I would be inspecting each hive to make sure it was disease free and that the queen bee is healthy and laying eggs. Andrew helped me lift up the frames to get a better look. The queen is a lot larger than the worker bees. And upon a much closer inspection than I'm in any way comfortable with, she looks healthy and judging by all the eggs she's laid very fertile.

These hardworking bees produce hundreds of pounds of honey per hive per year.

Andrew gave me a grade of B.