Become a fat-burning machine at David Barton's TMPL

After selling his eponymous chain of gyms in 2013, David Barton opened TMPL on West 49 Street with a mission in mind: to update the gym business and to leverage the most up-to-date technology to get somebody into shape as quickly and easily as possible.

His solution: Crafting a program around a metabolic assessment of the body. He says that their metabolic program determines what somebody needs to do to gain muscle, lose body fat, and change their shape.

The initial analysis combines an extensive online survey, body composition analysis and a 3D scan of your body head to toe. This leads to a comprehensive workout plan, and a unique nutritional program tailored to you.

The results have earned TMPL loyal clients, including Andrew Chappelle, one of the stars in Broadway's Hamilton, who lost 20 pounds with the metabolic approach. He says his transformed physique has transformed his life both on stage and off.

So in the spirit of Starting 2017 off right, I figured we'd jump right in. And with some light weight, and slow controlled movements, the time under tension started paying off.

Now if you'd like to get on the plan, a metabolic assessment is included in the price of membership, with a full one-on-one diet and exercise plan starts at around $500.