Battle over Uber in NYC

Think anybody has a strong opinion on this one? Bringing up Uber is like arguing politics with the future in-laws. The New York City Council this week will vote on a bill to freeze the growth of for-hire car companies. Lawmakers have given various reasons, including concerns about protections for workers.

But the bill doesn't include language addressing work conditions. It calls for a halt in the growth of apps like Uber and Lyft while a traffic study is completed in a year.

Many point to the $525,000 Mayor Bill de Blasio also reportedly received from the taxi industry as a motive for limiting Uber now.

Taxi drivers and politicians rallied on City Hall's steps railed on the giant, saying that it exploits drivers. But the bill doesn't look to either protect drivers from said exploitation or customers from runaway surge pricing.

Ydanis Rodriguez chairs the City Council transportation committee. Did he answer to our questio? Then we got criticized for our question by one driver. He said Uber cars need to decide if they want to operate as a yellow cab or a black car.

While Uber's business practices go unaddressed, drivers seem pitted against drivers. Nothing appears to address an overall policy of the new age of shared economy.