Baby titi monkey on display at Bronx Zoo

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A Bolivan gray titi monkey born in April 2016 is now on display at the Bronx Zoo. (WCS/Julie Larsen Maher)

Visitors to the Bronx Zoo can now see a Bolivian gray titi monkey that was born in April, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

You can find the family of titi monkeys at the zoo's  World of Birds, which features a mixed-species exhibit. The habitat also includes golden lion tamarins and gray-winged trumpeters, the WCS said.

Bolivian gray titi monkeys live in trees and feed on fruits, leaves, and insects. They are native to Bolivia but their range extends into Brazil, according to the WCS.

"The species is monogamous and males contribute to the rearing of offspring," the WCS said in a news release. "Family pairs are often seen with their tails intertwined demonstrating strong social bonds."

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