Baby deer found crying next to dead mother that was killed in crash

This may just break your heart.

Police in Salem, New Hampshire said that a fawn was recently found crying next to its deceased mother that had reportedly been hit and killed by a car.

According to their Facebook page, a resident in Pelham heard a crying noise in the woods behind his house and then heard it again when he returned from work in the evening.

"Unfortunately, he found this crying fawn laying by her deceased momma," the police department wrote. "After further investigation of the scene, it was clear that momma was hit by a car on a nearby busy road. She made it back to her baby where she succumbed to her injuries by her fawn's side."

Officers in Pelham drove the fawn 4-hours to Salem Animal Control Officer Corie Bliss, who they say “saved her life."

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“Thank you to all our wonderful wildlife rehabilitators in our state for all you do." 

Police added that 99% of the time, wildlife are not orphaned and their momma's are out foraging for food, so it's best to leave them alone.

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