Augmented reality tech in the classroom

Gina Divito's fourth graders at P.S. 4 in Linden, New Jersey, are seeing sharks very clearly. Augmented reality technology is taking her class to the depths of the ocean. The technology allows a computer-generated image to be superimposed on a user's view of the real world.

Divito said the tech is perfect for her students because they love interactive things. Fox 5 was there as the kids tried the free Google app Expeditions. With an iPhone and a pair of goggles with lenses, the solar system comes to life.

Principal Anthony Cataline said augmented reality embellishes lessons in teachers' curriculums on a wide range of subjects. It is taking the place of a textbook, just for a day. Although some say using it every day would be a great reality.

In addition to education, other fields, like medicine, are embracing the concept of augmented reality.